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Net Neutrality for Small Businesses

Back in 2015 the FCC voted to put into place the strongest net neutrality rules in history. Chairman Wheeler and the FCC earned the title of “defenders of the internet”, but this day would have never happened without the support of millions of Americans. They didn’t just support this motion they took action by reaching out to Congress and the FCC and even the White House, but net neutrality is under attack again today and it seems this war is being lost. But why?


War of Net Neutrality


This war is to keep the internet open and free to all with no data caps. There are some places that have lost net neutrality and are run by the ISPs and their plans are bundled like cable packages. Nowadays, we do not really pay for cable packages because of companies like Netflix that have broken to the top despite major ISPs. Netflix only exists because of net neutrality, and there are many other small businesses that wouldn’t exist without it and will not if we don’t fight to keep it. Net neutrality is important in all of our lives but most important is to our small businesses which America thrives on in entrepreneurship. The ISPs want this power of controlling the internet and if they gain this power we lose our internet freedom. This means hardships for small businesses out there that don’t have the income to pay for the services they need.


Small Businesses


We spoke about Netflix and how it only exists because of net neutrality. All our small businesses out there rely heavily on this neutrality. The fact of the matter is is that net neutrality puts small businesses and corporations on the same playing field and gives small businesses the chance to gain ground. If net neutrality goes away this playing field is no longer level. In this case alone, we need to be concerned. But why isn’t anyone doing anything?


For one, so many small business owners probably don’t even realize that this is an issue. It is so a part of our daily lives now that we are able to access whatever we want on the internet that we have the “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” mentality and it is easy to assume that things will never change. If the ISP/telecom companies took over net neutrality, small businesses would suffer due to not having the income to pay for the prioritization of the internet and higher speeds and it could also affect marketing due to a chance that ISPs get to choose the winners and losers.


Fight the war of net neutrality and be heard because your voice is needed to save the internet.

Taking a stand for net neutrality is a necessity to the future of our businesses. Right now this is open to the public with the FCC and with Congress. We need to take a stand against ISPs gaining control of net of the internet. Go now to https://www.battleforthenet.com/ and https://act.freepress.net/call/internet_congress_nn/ and help save the internet.