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Category: Internet Freedom

Mobile Data and Wifi in Germany

Wifi and Mobile Data in Germany   Traveling can be scary especially to a new country.  We rely on our phones. What is the easiest and cheapest way to stay connected in Germany. After exploring numerous data options it comes down to 2 of the easiest options:   Pay for an international plan.  Not all […]

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Time is Running Out!

Time is Running Out!   A few weeks back we spoke about saving the net for small businesses but now let’s talk about the impact it has on us all. We all enjoy the open content of the internet. How many of you go on the internet every day to find information, binge watch shows […]

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Net Neutrality for Small Businesses

Back in 2015 the FCC voted to put into place the strongest net neutrality rules in history. Chairman Wheeler and the FCC earned the title of “defenders of the internet”, but this day would have never happened without the support of millions of Americans. They didn’t just support this motion they took action by reaching […]

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